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Terrific tile!

by Meghann Finn Sepulveda on Nov 6, 2015

New trends in tile are giving homebuyers more to choose from when making flooring selections.

Today, wood-planked and metallic-finished tile are popular, as are traditional ceramic and porcelain tile, offering buyers numerous options to achieve a rustic, classic, modern or contemporary look.

In addition to the desired look, tile and design experts recommend buyers consider the usage of a particular area or room before making a tiling-type selection. For example, is it a high-traffic area? What about children and/or pets? All of these issues and more can influence tiling decisions.

Sizes, styles and shapes

A variety of tile sizes are available, ranging from small one-inch by one-inch tile mosaics to 20-inch by 20-inch squares and even larger.

Tile can be laid in a traditional parallel square (straight set), diamond shape (diagonal), 33 percent stagger, or set at a 45-degree angle, giving a more upscale look. A herringbone pattern can be created using rectangular tile. 

Easy to maintain

“Ceramic and porcelain tile remain highly desirable options because the material wears well, is easy to maintain and comes with greater flexibility to work within a budget,” said Jennifer Jones, design center manager at Pulte Home Expression Studio. “There are a host of different looks, colors and patterns available for every style.”

Jones added that it’s nice to have a mixed combination of different sizes and styles used in the design. “We are seeing a growing trend of traditional influences blended with contemporary designs resulting in a popular transitional style,” she said.

Innovative products

Along with a blend of styles and sizes, manufacturers are responding well to consumer trend demands by introducing innovative new products such as wood-planked tiles. 

“There have been recent improvements made to wood-planked tile, which is widely popular,” Jones said. “These tiles can look like authentic wood and are offered in a variety of sizes, widths and styles ranging from traditional, rustic, contemporary and reclaimed wood.”

“We have many sizes, types and colors of tile available,” said Tamara Schuelke, showroom manager at Arizona Tile. At Arizona Tile, tile comes in a variety of shades of colors including white, gray, ivory, cream, beige, brown and black, among others. Porcelain options also include rust, terracotta and charcoal.

“There are so many current design influences resulting in products that feature a variety of unique patterns, finishes, sizes and color combinations,” Jones said. “It’s refreshing to have products available that truly reflect these trends.”

Very durable, easy to clean

Tile is considered to be an excellent choice for long-term durability.

“Porcelain is very dense and hard, making it easy to clean,” Schuelke said. “It takes a lot to crack or chip the tile once it is installed.”

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