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by Susie Steckner on Nov 24, 2017

Plank tile. Faux wood. Colored concrete. Luxury vinyl. New-home buyers have more choice in flooring than ever before. 

"It's actually a very exciting time in the flooring business with all of the options," said Dennis Webb, vice president of operations for Fulton Homes. Here’s how to get the best fit for your family, lifestyle and budget. 

Trending now. New-home owners today want hard surfaces in almost every room of the house, Webb said. But that doesn’t mean carpet is out completely. Homeowners still prefer carpet in bedrooms and because it is generally less expensive than hard flooring, they are springing for higher quality carpet that offers added comfort. 

When it comes to hard surfaces, Webb said plank tiles reign supreme. They come in varying sizes, colors and styles,  and can offer a sleek modern look as easily as they fill a room with warmth.

Homebuyers also want large-format tiles, everything from 6 X 48 to 24 X 24 tiles. These larger tiles offer visual interest  and flexibility with design. Another versatile choice is concrete flooring, said Daniel Owen, president and chief executive officer of Arizona Polymer Flooring. Homeowners have a wide range of design options, from unique colors to faux wood looks to metallic coatings.

"The biggest benefit we see and probably one of the biggest reasons people choose to go with concrete is you can have a floor that is truly unique to your home,” Owen said. “You have unlimited design possibilities when you’re going with a concrete style floor…from simple monochromatic surfaces to very intricately stained surfaces with saw cuts and lots of custom patterns.”

In recent years, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) flooring has become popular for its lower cost compared with porcelain tile as well as for its relatively easy installation, Webb said. LVT flooring comes in a wide range of colors and looks.

Lifestyle. Certain flooring types will most likely work better than others depending on your lifestyle as well as the flooring’s placement in the home. For example, carpet in a high-traffic area like a hallway or play room will probably endure much more visible wear and tear than a hard surface. However,  hardwood flooring is prone to scratches when pets or young children live in the home.

Homeowners will also want to think about maintenance, Owen said. Concrete flooring, for instance, is durable and easy to clean but will require different levels of maintenance depending on how the floor is sealed. A polyurethane seal will mean less maintenance while an acrylic seal with a wax coating will mean more.

Another consideration for many newhome buyers is air quality inside the house, Webb said. Buyers are looking for materials — from flooring to paint — that minimize exposure to pollutants and contaminants. Fulton Homes participates in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor airPLUS program which seeks to improve indoor air quality.

Ask your builder. With all of the flooring options available today, newhome buyers are sure to find a match that best fits their needs. Be sure to ask your builder about standard and upgrade flooring options throughout the house.

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