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Get in sync with your sink

by Susie Steckner on Jul 1, 2016

It’s often overlooked, but your choice of sink plays a vital role in how efficiently you and your kitchen operate. Here are a few things to think about.

Lifestyle. How will you use the sink day to day?

For example, will separate bowls deliver what you need or will a large single bowl be a better fit? Frequent entertainers may want additional prep sinks that can increase the kitchen’s efficiency. Kitchen size will drive your selection as well — a compact single bowl works best with a small kitchen while a secondary trough sink in a large island can fill multiple needs. 

From a style perspective, today’s sink designs trend toward simple angular lines, said Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, Vice President – Design, LIXIL Water Technology Americas, American Standard and DXV. “Stainless steel continues to be the most popular material for kitchen sinks because it is durable, attractive and very easy to keep clean.” 

Single-bowl sinks are becoming increasingly prevalent because they are spacious and offer simple design. Meanwhile, some homeowners prefer under-mount sink styles for an uncluttered look. D-shaped sinks are in demand because they offer a rounded curvature to the back wall of the sink providing more room for large pans, said Anita Vaitekunas, product manager for Moen, adding that the kitchen sink is often overlooked during a new-home build. “But it really should be a top consideration not only for its impact on functionality and repeated use, but it can also make a significant style statement,” she noted.

Single, double, triple. How many bowls are best?

The roomy interior of a single-bowl sink offers plenty of space to maneuver large pots and pans, while double- and triple-bowl sinks feature additional flexibility and allow you to multi-task more easily.

Can’t decide? Low-divide sinks have a lower center divide between sink bowls. This makes it easier to rinse large items while providing the functionality of a multi-bowl sink.

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