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Faucet favorites

by Susie Steckner on Nov 6, 2017

Think simple lines and warm finishes at the bathroom sink. Or hard-working kitchen faucets with boosted spray power. Or "smart" shower tech that allows you to adjust water temperature remotely. 

Here’s what is trending and how to find the kitchen and bath faucetry that best fits your lifestyle.

Design. Simplicity is the word of the day.

“We see what we call ‘warm minimalism’ being the next emerging trend with a move toward simpler designs — clean aesthetic shapes that integrate natural materials and warm metal finish accents,” said Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, vice president of design for LIXIL Americas, which operates American Standard, a long-time leader in the kitchen and bath industry.

The company’s new Studio S bathroom faucet collection, for instance, emphasizes simplicity in its organic design lines, he said.

Finish. Homeowners are making design statements in kitchens and bathrooms by using darker finishes such a matte black which creates drama and contrast, said Danielle Radic, an associate product  manager for Moen, which touts itself as the “No. 1 faucet brand in North America”. Radic said the  company’s Align suite offers a contemporary look and fresh design concept that works with many décor choices. “It’s often said the faucet is the jewelry of the sink and matte black creates a modern focal point,” she said.

Handles. The once-popular two-handle or pull-out style faucets are being replaced with pull-down models in classic designs, L’Henaff said. These faucets are sleekly styled and offer increased functionality with spray options and pause features, he said 

Convenience. Look for features that make your job in the kitchen easier. A touchless faucet, for instance, quickly activates the fl ow of water. “It not only keeps the faucet cleaner but minimizes the spread of germs since you don’t have to touch the faucet,” said Tom Tylicki, a senior product manager for Moen. The company’s “power boost” tech can also ease the load in the kitchen, he said. A boosted stream can fill pots and pitchers faster while a powerful spray can cut clean-up time.

Connectivity. Moen has launches the first Wi-Fi/cloud based digital shower on the market, said Michael Poloha, a senior product manager for the company. 

The U by Moen shower allows users to precisely set shower temperature and other preferences using either an in-shower  digital controller or a smartphone, he said. 

Lifestyle. Consider the ages and mobility levels of family members when selecting faucets, L’Henaff said. Look for models that are built to last to help avoid repair and replacement, he said. Think about all-metal construction and washer-less ceramic disc valves to reduce maintenance in the future. Consider water-saving faucets for a “greener” home and reduced water and energy bills. American Standard and DXV offer high-efficiency 1.2 gallons per minute (gpm) flow models.

Take your pick. Ready to dive in? Ask your builder about the best kitchen and bathroom faucet options to meet your needs.

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