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Beyond a basic bubble bath

by Meghann Finn Sepulveda on Mar 5, 2018

When it comes to choosing a bathtub there is a lot to consider including style, preference and needs. bathtubs have greatly evolved over the years and now offer massaging jets to release muscle tension and deep soaking options to improve circulation and reduce joint pressure. Before you select a tub, make sure you are aware of the available options to customize your bathing experience. 

Built-in massage jets

After a long day at the office or several hours on the golf course, a jetted tub could be just what your body needs. Unlike a standard bathtub, this upgraded tub comes with many features including built-in-jets that massage muscles and provide tension relief. 

Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath offers a variety of jetted tubs that can be installed as freestanding, drop-in or undermount configurations.

"These jetted tubs have a unique system that mixes air and water to create a hydrotherapy massage featuring baths that offer between six and 23 jets," said Erica Moir, vice president of engineering and product marketing at Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath. “The jets can be adjusted to flow softly or more intensely and even target specific areas of the body.”

According to Moir, the size of the bathtub is what determines the type of water heater that is needed in a home. However, she also said that most jetted tubs on the market, including the new Jacuzzi® Heated Soak experience, offer built-in heaters that circulate water and maintain temperatures so there isn’t a need for additional water.

New technology has also greatly reduced noise often associated with jetted tubs. 

"We recently launched the Whisper+ Technology™, designed with an optimal jetting and plumbing system with highly efficient motors that are hidden under the tub,” Moir explained. “Consumers no longer have to sacrifice performance when searching for a quieter bathing experience.”

Lumbar support, arm-rests and more

If you're looking for something more standard but that still provides a calm and tranquil bathing experience, a soaker tub may be the right fit. 

"We offer various acrylic soaking tubs with many options that range from basic to premium," said Joe Nuzzolo, director of bathing products at American Standard, part of LIXIL. “Our EverClean® Air Bath System features an antimicrobial additive that protects pipes from mold and mildew.”

American Standard also offers soaker tubs that allow consumers to fully immerse themselves in the water, featuring lumbar support and built-in arm-rests for greater comfort.

Nuzzolo said that a wide range of walk-in baths are also available and are becoming more popular among Baby Boomers.

"Walk-in baths are ideal for those who have limited mobility but want to stay in their home and are looking for a safe more accessible bathing environment," he said. 

Customized bathing experience

Regardless of which tub you choose, your bath ultimately reflects your personal style and individual preferences.

“Consider the design of your bathroom and determine what the focus is,” Moir said. “That may help you decide which bathtub option is best.”

For added ambiance, Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath offers Illumatherapy™, a feature that lets individuals set the mood in their bath using four illuminated jets. And many hydrotherapy tubs now offer chromatherapy which is an option that utilizes underwater colored LED lights for a soothing effect.

"There are definitely many options available that you should discuss with your builder," Moir said. "Choose what's most important to you. There is an assortment to fit every need to truly customize the overall bathing experience."

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