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Space-saving wall beds

by Meghann Finn Sepulveda on Mar 17, 2017

Beds and dressers take up so much space in a [multi-use] room and are not used that often,” said Rubin Blattman, owner of Arizona Wall Beds. “Wall beds are versatile and allow people to create a multi-purpose room that can serve as both a bedroom and a home office.”

In fact, one of the first questions that Blattman said they ask their clients involves the intended purpose(s) of the space. “In many instances, the room needs to be multi-functional,” he noted.

Storage and accessories

Storage solution companies such as Classy Closets can create custom wall bed designs that feature furniture additions such as closets, armoires and shelving. “We can also build desks to the right or left of the wall bed and drawers to make a night stand,” said Chris Johnson, general manager of Classy Closets.

Wall bed storage systems can also help eliminate the need for a separate dresser or other pieces of furniture. Because most wall beds are custom-made, the price range varies.

Designed for easy lifting

Wall beds use frames for placement and then are secured to the floor or wall with mounting hardware. Unlike sofa beds and futons, wall beds do not fold and are therefore considered by some folks to be more comfortable for sleeping.

Wall beds include various types of lifts and springs to help consumers lower and raise the system.

Many wall beds can be operated with the use of one hand, making them easily usable for most consumers. However, experts recommend using a professional for proper assembly and safe installation.

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